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Stall Owner Operation Terms and Conditions

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by One Planet Festival. The personal information will be used by One Planet Festival and its contractors for that primary purpose or directly related purposes and may be disclosed as required to by law. The applicant may apply to Parents for Climate for access and / or amendment of this information.

Required Documents

  • Activation Application Form

  • Certificate of currency for your public liability insurance, minimum $10 million (If Activation is a business). This is to be held in the same name as stated in the applicant details


Guidelines for Operation

  • Comply with all the permit conditions set out in this document (failure to comply may result in cancellation of the permit).

  • Activities are conducted during permitted hours only.

  • All items and activities must remain within the allocated area.

  • Refrain from using single use plastic bags and plastic packaging for promotional purposes.

  • Refrain from selling or distributing plastic bottles.

  • Refrain from the distribution of straws.

  • Refrain from using plastic packaging and plastic single use items of any description.

  • Use the B-Alternative meal services crockery and cutlery for patrons to ‘hire’ and use on the day.

  • The preparation, handling and serving of food and drinks to patrons must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 1984 and the local Council’s Health Protection Unit.

  • Any rubbish or waste generated from the activity is the responsibility of the named permit holder and must be removed from the area immediately.

  • No litter may be discharged from the Activation onto the road, footpath, drain, gutter or surrounding area.

  • Trade waste must not be placed in festival or public street bins.

  • Application holders and their staff must comply with all lawful instructions of authorised officers, members of the Victoria Police or VicRoads.

  • Application holders must remove all items associated with their activities from their area at the end of day. Any items not removed will be collected and removed by Council’s contractor and disposed of at the application holder’s expense.

  • The safety of all members of the community including pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and other footpath or road users must be protected at all times on or nearby the One Planet Festival site.

  • Applications are not transferrable.

  • Application Holder must be present at the site at all trading times.

  • Only one site allocated per application permit unless otherwise confirmed with festival team.


  • The Permit holder indemnifies and holds harmless One Planet festival, Parents for Climate and Surfers for Climate against all suits, actions, proceedings, judgements, claims, demands, costs, expenses, losses or damages for which Parents for Climate or Surfers for Climate becomes or may become liable in relation to the death or injury to any person or the damage to any property in connection with the Activation business, whosoever arising, except to the extent that Parents for Climate is negligent.


I/We have read and fully understand and agree to comply with One Planet festival Guidelines for Operation.  I / we understand that my / our permit may be revoked by One Planet Festival for any breach of these conditions. I / we are authorised to sign on behalf of the applicant organisation.

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